Contracting Conditions

On this contract "You" is the customer and "We" Your Travel Baby.

The referred rental service is to provide equipment, on rental basis, for a certain period of time, with the exception of the specified purchasing items, which will be your property as soon as you pay the corresponding amount.

The current geographic scope that we cover is the island of Gran Canaria (Spain).

The equipment rental is subject to availability. As soon as we receive the request for the order, we will confirm it in the same way that we received your request.

Your reservation of equipment only and exclusively will be considered to be accepted by us when

(1) You have received a communication from Your Travel Baby confirming your order number and

(2) Payment has been received

In high season (Easter, July, August and Christmas period) the reservation will not be confirmed until it has been paid.

The rental periods are 24 hours from the moment of delivery of the equipment.

When communicating with us either via email, phone or WhatsApp, you are accepting our contracting conditions, legal notice and Data Protection Law.

1. Price, Payment and Guarantee

  • Price

The rental price of the equipment is the one that appears on our web page ( or, in certain cases, the one agreed with you by Your Travel Baby.

Prices include all taxes, unless otherwise indicated on our website (

  • Payment

Payment for the service should be made at the time of booking, with the exception of cash payments.

- For web reservations, the payment can be made by credit card or Paypal

- For phone / WhatsApp reservations, we will use "PayGold", which is a link to a payment platform that will be sent to you via SMS or email.

- For cash payments, the payment must be made at the same moment of the delivery of the equipment and in the exact amount of the value of the order.

  • Deposit

It can be possible that you are requested to leave a deposit as a guarantee for the rented items. 

The deposit will depend on the item, but it ranges between € 10 and € 30 per product, and can be paid both in cash and by credit card.
This deposit will be returned to you immediately and in the same way that it was paid at the time of delivery of the rented material, once it has been reviewed.

Only in the following cases the amount of the deposit would NOT be returned:

- Return of rented items with damages not derived from normal use, being allowed small damages such as rubbing and scratches.

- Loss or theft of material during the rental period

- Failure to return the rented material

If the cost of repairing or replacing the rented item is higher than the deposit, you must bear the costs involved.

• Transportation

Your Travel Baby will not charge transportation costs within the island of Gran Canaria and Tenerife (South area).

- Other expenses: Your Travel Baby reserves the right to charge an additional fee of € 10, regardless of the total amount of the order, for deliveries and / or pick-up on 24, 25 and 31 December and 1 and 6 January. Tenerife North area: A delivery fee of 20€ per way will be charge for deliveries in North area of Tenerife island.

• Delivery / Return

Both delivery and return will be made at the time and place agreed between you and us at the time of order confirmation.

The equipment will be delivered in perfect conditions of hygiene and maintenance.

The rented equipment will be delivered to the place indicated by you, with the following options:

- In the airport

- In the accommodation

- At a meeting point agreed by both parties

You are responsible for the collection of the equipment at the delivery address and time agreed. If there is no one to pick up the equipment, we will wait 30 minutes, after these, you will be notified, and we will try to contact you to establish a new time and place of delivery.

In this case, we reserve the right to not deliver the equipment once the rental period has started.

Your Travel Baby will deliver:

o Product (s) requested.

o Product instructions / s.

o Other documents of interest.

You must return to us:

The / the rented products as well as all the accessories provided and their instructions.

3. Services contracting

With the contracting of our service you understand and accept the contractual conditions detailed in this document.

4. Client's Rights to Cancel or Modify his Contract

Both the modification and cancellation of the rental contract are free provided as long as you notify us within 24 hours before the beginning of the agreed rental period.

Modifications or cancellations not reported, are subject to the payment of a penalty of 15€.

The contract can not be canceled once the rental period has begun. Only in the unfortunate event that the product presents a defect not previously detected that prevents its normal use, the rental contract will be canceled without any charge or the product will be immediately replaced with an equal or similar characteristics one if you want to.

Both the request for modification and the cancellation of the contract, according to the conditions indicated above, must be communicated via e-mail to the following address or via Whatsapp to the following number (+34) 722 763 045.

5. Cancellation by Your Travel Baby

With the entry into force of the contract you expressly agree that Your Travel Baby reserves the right to cancel the contract in any of the following situations:

  • In case Your Travel Baby does not have the contracted equipment for reasons beyond its


  • Equipment reserved for incorrect price due to typographical error or pricing error of any

of our suppliers.

  • Due to force majeure.

In case of occurrence of any of the above circumstances, we will send you immediate communication in this regard as soon as possible and we will proceed to return any advance payment you have made within the maximum period of 10 calendar days.

6. Return of the contract document

Your Travel Baby undertakes to destroy any data relating to bank details or credit card of the customer at the time of the return of the rented equipment or, where appropriate, after the review by Your Travel Baby of the state of the rented equipment once returned.

The review of the equipment can take up to 48h, within this period, you will be notified if there is any damage that you have to pay.

7. Obligations of the client

You agree to rent the equipment only for private use and for the purpose for which it was manufactured.

You must check the equipment at the time of delivery and check that it is in good condition, clean and normal operation. If you notice any anomaly or defect you must indicate it immediately to replace it as soon as possible.

Also, with the confirmation of the contract you are committed to take care of the equipment, watch it, guard it as well as assemble it and dismantle it according to the instructions that are delivered to you.

With your confirmation of the rental agreement, you agree to return to Your Travel Baby the rented equipment in perfect conditions and with the accessories, packaging or pertinent packaging (bags, plastics, boxes etc.) that would have been delivered to you at the time Delivery. This packaging is part of the equipment and must therefore be conserved and taken care of by you during the rental period.

Your Travel Baby is not responsible for damages caused to property or to third parties for the use of the equipment during the rental period by you.

8. Responsibility of Your Travel Baby

If the equipment we deliver to you is not what you requested, is damaged or defective, you should immediately inform Your Travel Baby. Your Travel Baby will only and exclusively be responsible for the return of the amount of the rented equipment in case of imperfections or defects. In as much as you do not inform Your Travel Baby of this circumstance Your Travel Baby is not responsible for it as long as it is not communicated to you.

In any case, Your Travel Baby's maximum liability limit amounts to the total amount of the contract service.

9. Your Travel Baby's liability disclaimer

With the remission of your reservation, you assume responsibility to third parties for any use or misuse of the rented equipment. Consequently, Your Travel Baby will not be responsible for accidents or damages caused, directly or indirectly, by the use or misuse of the rented equipment. By way of example and not limitation, Your Travel Baby will not be liable for damages that may be incurred in the above circumstances, including any loss, indirect damages, moral damages and / or lost profits.

10. Circumstances due to force majeure

Your Travel Baby is not responsible for delays or impossibility of delivery of equipment or small defects that may suffer from causes beyond our control or will such as strikes, disputes or business blockages, system crashes or access to the computer network, explosion or accident, adverse weather conditions and, in general, any event or circumstance of force majeure, or any other circumstance of force majeure provided for in the Civil Code.

11. Property

All leased and delivered equipment is the property of Your Travel Baby at all times. In any case, the delivery of the equipment is done under lease.

Excluded are items for sale, clearly specified in, which will be your property once you have paid the amount corresponding to the purchase.

12. Privacy Policy

Your Travel Baby guarantees the security and confidentiality of personal data provided by its customers, and thus, in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and in the development regulations, the client is informed and gives his consent to the incorporation of his data to the atomized files of Your Travel Baby. These personal data are being processed and incorporated into the corresponding files automates